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1Battle begins

Hovering the mouse over a monster
Battle begins

When you hover over a monster, it turns into a sword-shaped icon.
When you click the mouse, the character will approach the monster and change to combat mode.

When you right-click on a monster,
You can see the number, level, and true number of objects of the monster..

(Reconnaissance orders are required to be used..)

Monster in battle with other players
Monster Information

Monsters that are being battled by other players are not allowed to battle..
If you click right, "More information"You can see.
"More information"can see the combat shapes and levels of the enemy in battle..
(Reconnaissance orders are required to be used..)

Monster name display due to difference between the level of character and monster
- Level 10 or higher than the character Dark blue Marked as
- Level 7 or lower than the character Sky blue Marked as
- Level 4 or higher than the character Light green Marked as
- The character and monster level are similar. White Marked as
- Level 4 or higher than the character Tangerine color Marked as
- Level 7 or higher than the character Dark orange Marked as
- 10 or more levels higher than the character Red Marked as

2Battle mode

You need action to fight. Only actionable mercenaries can join the battle, and attackable mercenaries can be identified in green at the bottom..

전투 중 게임 화면
Consumed behavioral power

- Attack: Behavioral 100 Consume
- Search: Behavioral 50 Consume
- Defense: Behavioral 50 Consume
- Move: Behavioral 50 Consume
- Wait: No action consumption
- Magic: 50 Over, Behavioral consumption varies depending on the characteristics

All actions 100 Over must have the ability to act..
Just 100 Over if there are no mercenaries with the behavioral power of 0 Over one of the highest-acting mercenaries capable of acting..
Time out of turn: Allies and enemies will be attacked once and then.. (Time out of one turn: 30 seconds)

전투 메뉴

Battle mode description
Item name Content
 ① Directing the camera When a mercenary attacks an enemy, a screen appears from various angles.
You can have a realistic battle.
 ② Turn over Turn over the attack to an enemy.
 ③ Retreating Give up battle, retreat, and be charged the same penalty as death.
 ④ Auto-attack Give mercenaries an automatic battle.
 ⑤ Auto-attack If you use a skilled order and perform manual combat,
You can earn automatic combat points.
 ⑥ Attack (Shortcuts A) Attack enemies with the basic skills of your chosen character or mercenary.
 ⑦ Search (Shortcuts S) Search for dead enemies to earn items.
(Full search shortcuts X : Available to learn behavioral skills)
 ⑧ Move (Shortcuts D) Change the position between mercenaries and characters within the jinform. (Consume action)
 ⑨ Wait (Shortcuts F) Wait without attacking in its current state. (Preserving behavioral power)
 ⑩ Defense (Shortcuts G) Defend against enemy attacks for 1 turn, reducing damage by a certain amount.
(Turns to mercenaries with the highest level of action when defending.)
 ⑪ Magic (Shortcuts Q, W, E, R, T) Use the magic that the current character is available.

3Monster Information

Monster information that can be obtained in combat game information - Monster Book in
You can see monster stats, attributes, magic, and other information about monsters..

When attacking a monster that has obtained basic information, it will deal 110% damage and
You'll only receive 90% of demi when attacked by that monster..


4Death in battle

Death of a character : If a character dies during a battle, 10% of the small amount he has and 5% of accumulated XP will be deducted..
Mercenary Death : You can revive mercenaries by using the village's hospitals or by using side-effects items..

Move if the mercenary's position is at a disadvantage in combat (Shortcuts D) Use the buttons to adjust the shape.
During the Non-Battle
"Change the true shape"Silver "My Information - Change the True "It is possible in.
Ability to sit in non-combat conditions
(Shortcuts X) can fill your health and horsepower..
(The sit-down feature can be purchased through quests/village markets..)

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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