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1Fire effect

Fire Effect

1) The occurrence and spread of fire

-Fire when you use a flame-based spell or when an enemy is caught in a flame trap.

-The fire spreads according to the wind direction and wind speed each turn, and it can be very damaging if it spreads to a character or building.

-If a character is on fire, it will take 5-10% damage to its maximum health every turn.


2) Extinction of fire

-Fire has a chance to naturally weaken or turn off every turn.

- When the rain comes, the light goes out.

2Wind effect

Wind effect

1) Wind direction and speed display

-The wind direction and wind speed are displayed at the top right of the screen.

-The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the wind, and the speedometer in the center indicates the wind speed.

-The flame spreads along the direction of the wind, and the higher the wind speed, the better the spread.

3Climate effect


1) Ineffective

-If it rains for a long time, the stepping stones will be unavailable due to flooding.

-If there is a character on the stepping stone during a flood, you will die.

If it rains continuously for more than 1 turn, all the lights will go out in the next turn.

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