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Expressing feelings

If you enter in-game menu [My Info]-[Emotion Expression] or [ALT]+[E], you can see the chat macro and action menu.

1Chat macro

Chat macro window

After entering the contents of the chat to be entered in advance, you can conveniently enter the registered contents using the shortcut keys [Shift]+[F1]-[F8].

In the game, after using the [Enter] key to activate the chat window, entering the corresponding shortcut will display the registered chat macro for each shortcut.



After acquiring an action-manufacturing item, you can use it to acquire it using that item.

Sit down and search is a standard feature, and fishing and auto-manufacturing can only be used after mastering the skills of [action: auto-production] and [action: fishing].

1. Sit down: Press the hot key (X) to sit down and restore your HP and MP.

2. Full Search: During the battle, all mercenaries search. (Hotkey: X – only available during battle)

3. Auto Manufacture: Enter the hot key (Z) to obtain a consistent workload according to the auto manufacturment level.

4. Fishing: Fishing can be conducted on Hainan Island in India in Southeast Asia and you can get a variety of items.

※ Fishing and auto-manufacturing levels can be found in the [My Info]-[Emotion Expression]-[Action] menu.

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

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