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Mailbox can be used using the in-game menu [Community]-[Mailbox].
You can use the mailbox to send messages, gold or items to other users.


Sent box screen

Select [Mailbox]-[Sent Mail].

1. Enter the character name to send the message/gold/item.

2. If you are sending gold, enter the amount. (Some fees apply for shipping.)

3. When sending an item, enter the item and number correctly. (Similarly, a fee will be charged for shipping.)

4. When sending a message, you can write and send the content within 256 bytes.


※If the other party does not confirm the sent mail for 90 days, it will be returned.

※Please note that we cannot help with mails that are incorrectly mailed because the character name is incorrect.


Inbox screen

1. When new mail arrives, a light flashes on the "Letter" icon on the right side of the screen. You can check the mail that arrived by clicking it or selecting [Mailbox]-[Inbox].

2. If your character's inventory is full, you won't be able to get items in the mail you receive.

3. If you do not receive mail for 90 days, the mail will be returned.

3Mailing list

Postal list screen

[Mailbox]-[Mailbox List] allows you to check the records of sent and received mail.

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