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Banquet is a system unique to MyHome that invites friends to hold a party to share food and earn buffs. To open a dinner, you need a chef NPC, a dinner coupon, and a dinner table.


1Manufacture dinner coupon

The banquet coupon can be made through a kitchen manufacturing NPC that has learned to manufacture food.
The type of banquet that can be opened varies depending on the NPC's food manufacturing level as follows.
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Type of dinner
Meal dinner Food manufacturing level
[General]Afternoon tea dinner 10
[General]Sushi sushi dinner 20
[General] Royal Dinner 30
[Normal] Nouvellezine Dinner 40

2Obtain manufacturing NPC manufacturing skills

How to learn manufacturing technology

  • 1. Select "Food manufacturing" in the conversation window with the employee, and then "Skill acquisition" Click
  • 2. In the conversation window with the employee, click "Daily work" and manufacture the item
  • * Every time an item is manufactured, the level of cooking production NPC goes up
  • * If you are able to manufacture a dinner coupon, you can make a dinner according to the level

3Open dinner

click dinner coupon in inventory

Choose group to invite to dinner

  • 1. Right-click on a dinner coupon in your inventory
  • 2. After selecting the invited group, "Start Dinner" Click

4Enable dinner buff & Done

How to eat dinner food

  • 1. Right-click on the dinner food created on the dinner table
  • 2. Dinner Buff Active
  • 3. Buff payment for dinner held after the dinner ended
  • * You must be in the house until the dinner is over to get a buff
  • * The applied buff can be checked in My Info-Character Info

5Gathering attention through dinner

How to get the eye

  • 1. Right-click on the furniture during the dinner and click "Look at"
  • 2. In the look-up window, click "Check your eyes"

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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