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Personal transactions

In addition to selling/purchasing goods using the town market, you can trade items, game money, etc. using personal transactions directly between users.

1Personal transaction method

Personal transaction screen

Right-click on the player you wish to trade with and click "ldrade".

1) Item trading

- After selecting the item to be traded and entering the quantity, “Register the item” Click the button. After registration, check whether the quantity of the registered item is correct in the upper left of the window.


2) Gold trading

- Enter the amount you would like to trade and enter "Gold registration". Click the button. After registration, check that the registered gold is correct in the upper left of the window.

3) Accept transaction

- After checking the amount and item uploaded by the other party on the right, click the “accept” button to complete the transaction.

- If you want to cancel the registered item, click the item to be canceled and click the “Cancel Registration” button.

* The maximum number of items that can be registered is 5, and only items in the main character's belongings window can be traded.

* When trading, you must carefully check the character name, item quantity, item stats, and game gold to prevent fraud.

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