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Item manufacturing

After mastering the skill of the item to be manufactured, you can finish manufacturing the item by filling a certain amount of work.

1Learn manufacturing techniques

Manufacturing NPC search window

1. Learning from Item Manufacturing NPCs

Manufacturing skills can be acquired through each manufacturing NPC.

-Production NPC can be checked through the [Game Information]-[People]-[Production NPC] tab.

NPC [Cheol-Ryun] can be used to acquire all levels of [Stationery Manufacturing] skills, and [Pharmaceutical Manufacturing], [Armor Manufacturing], [Food Manufacturing], and [Throwing Manufacturing] can be acquired up to the first 10 levels. Yes.

You can also learn manufacturing skills up to level 51 from the manufacturing NPCs in the village of Antilia.

- Weapon expert Dimir (all weapon manufacturing techniques)

- Armor manufacturing expert Nautilion (all armor manufacturing techniques)

- Special product manufacturing expert Zion (special manufacturing technology excluding weapons and armor)

Manufacturer search box

2. Manufacturing craftsman or party member/guild member/learning to a friend

1. Crafting skills can be passed on to craftsmen who have reached the level of craftsmanship or higher in the field, and a list of craftsmen can be found in the game [Community]-[Technician].

2. Party members, guild members, and friends can also receive manufacturing skills.

3. Manufacturing skills can be learned in the form of'knowledge transmission', and 50% of motivation is consumed when transferring manufacturing technology information.

2Made items

Manufacturing technology window

1. Start manufacturing items

1.If you click the [Start Manufacturing] button while the material of the item to be manufactured is ready, a window will appear at the top of the screen to confirm the manufacturing rate.

2. As you progress through the battle, you get a certain amount of work. Manufacturing is completed when the production volume reaches 100% when the work load is filled.

※If the inventory space of the inventory is full, you can obtain the manufactured item after filling the space.

Manufacturing level up confirmation window

2. Raising manufacturing levels

1. When item manufacturing is completed, a certain amount of manufacturing experience will be earned depending on the item manufactured.

2. If your manufacturing experience meets the experience required to level up your skill, you can increase your manufacturing level.

3. For manufacturing technology level up, please refer to the [Learn Manufacturing Technology] section above.

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