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Equipment box roulette

Equipment box The roulette system is a system that obtains high-level equipment boxes as low-level equipment boxes.
This is possible through the NPC de Merre, an equipment box operator located in the Roman shopping street.

1Guide to the equipment box roulette

Appearance of NPC de Mere
How to move to a shopping mall

- Go to Rome : Click on the Go to Rome icon on the right and select "Shopping mall" to get to the shopping street moment It will move.

-Auto move in Rome : If you select the auto move button within Rome "shopping mall", it will automatically move to the shopping street.

Example of equipment box roulette method
Equipment box roulette method

- Roulette fee: Free
-Equipment box type: All kinds of equipment box available

1. Click the box where you want to proceed with the equipment box roulette.
2. Click the "Exchange" button to see the results of the equipment box roulette.

If a large number of equipment boxes are exchanged at once, "Top-level equipment boxes" and "Ancient mount box" Increases the chance of getting .

Example of equipment box roulette success

1. A message about the roulette of the equipment box is displayed, so you can see the success or failure at a glance.
2. When you succeed in the equipment box roulette, you can acquire a box with a higher level than the box used for roulette.

'Shogun Castle's Equipment Box ' when you succeed in the equipment box roulette, the upper level box 39; You can get the equipment box ' of the volcano valley, and the box used for roulette will disappear when the equipment box roulette fails.

Example of three-thread mount

"Through Bread" is a roulette system through the roulette system. You can get it through ;

Effect: Movement speed when worn 10% increase

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

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  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
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  • > Compensation Payment
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