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Smelting items

As a way to improve basic abilities such as weapons, armor, and ornaments, and additional options, items that are intended to be smelted and items of the same grade are additionally required as ' sacrifices ' I do.


Item smelting window

1. Prepare two items of the same type and grade, and a smelting stone suitable for the level of wear of the item you want to smelt.


2. Right-click the smelting stone item to display the item smelting window, and press the [Start Smelting] button to start smelting.


3. Smelting will succeed with a 100% chance, and one of the two items of the same rank (a sacrifice of sacrifice) will be destroyed.


4. The item's rating basically increases by 1 level, and there is a certain probability that it can increase by 2-4 levels.

2Item used for smelting for each level

Item level classification Necessary items Required item name
Items below level 30 Smelt Stone Level 1 Smelting Stone[Lv.1]
Items below level 60 Smelt Stone Level 2 Smelting Stone[Lv.2]
Items below level 100 Smelt Stone Level 3 Smelting Stone[Lv.3]
Items below level 120 Smelt Stone Level 4 Smelting Stone[Lv.4]
Items below level 140 Smelt Stone Level 5 Smelting Stone[Lv.5]
Items below level 160 Smelt Stone Level 6 Smelting Stone[Lv.6]

3Item durability and sealing

  • 1. Durability

    Equipment below -70 level: Durability is generated from items of level +5 and can be repaired using recycled stones depending on the level

    Equipment of level 70 or higher: Durability is generated from level 0 items, and can be repaired using recycled stones depending on the level

  • 2. seal

    When the smelting of the item in step 7 is successfully strengthened, the item becomes sealed, and when the seal is released, the item belongs to the unlocked character.

    If the smelting and strengthening is successful from level 7 to higher level, the item returns to the sealed state again, and the sealed item can be traded.

    * Level 10 items are not sealed, trades are possible and durability is lost.

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

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