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Item disassembly

You can obtain materials such as elemental items through item decomposition.

1Item decomposition method

1. Disassembly of an item is performed by right-clicking the  [nbsp] item that matches the level of the item.
 Item disassembly window

2. When disassembling equipment of 2 or more steels, the quantity of elemental items is randomly acquired. When decomposition is completed,
    The manufacturing skill experience of the item increases by a certain amount.

2Decomposition hammer used to decompose items for each level

Item level classification Necessary items Required item name
Items below level 30 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.1]
Items below level 60 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.2]
Items below level 100 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.3]
Items below level 120 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.4]
Items below level 140 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.5]
Items below level 160 < /td> Decomposition hammer[Lv.6]

Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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