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Move items


Equipment mounting screen

1. How to equip equipment: Select an item to equip from the inventory and move it to the character's equipment compartment to equip that item.


2. There is an item in the inventory space of the target to be mounted, and if it can be mounted, you can right-click to mount it.


3. You can click the arrow at the bottom of the gear column to unmark items (helmets/decorations/hats/weapons/clothes) that you don't want to be displayed, or set them to appear again.

2Split items

Item quantity input window

1. While holding down [Shift], select the item you want to divide, and click on the place you want to move to to display the quantity input window.


2. After entering the number to divide, click [OK] to divide the number of items as desired.

3Item destruction

Item destruction confirmation window

If you select an item in the inventory and throw it on the ground, a warning message will be displayed. If you click [Yes], the item will be destroyed.


* Please note that once destroyed items cannot be recovered again.

4Quick slot registration

Quick Slot Window

1. Items such as [food], [potion], [order], and [spell] can be registered in the quick slot, and can be used by using shortcut keys such as [F1] to [F5] during combat or non-combat.

2. All characters are given two quick slots, and additional quick slots can be used depending on whether you join the guild or dominate the guild's village.


* In order to use an item during battle, you must register the item in a quick slot in advance.

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