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1General attack

TBS battle screen

1. Attack Range

One green square is one cell, and it means the attack range of one square.


2. Melee attack

Characters using melee weapons can only attack enemies at close range.


3. Ranged Attack (Direct)

In the case of an attack where a projectile flies straight, such as a gun, bow, or wand, it cannot attack enemies behind obstacles, walls, or terrain blocked by high hills.


4. Ranged Attack (Curved)

If a projectile flies in a curved line like a cannon, it can attack an equator behind an obstacle or wall.

2Trap effect

Type effect
Net Trap If an opponent steps into a trap after installation, the character within the scope of the trap cannot be moved for a certain turn
Fire Trap After installation, if the opponent steps into the trap, fire will be activated within the trap's bounds

3Special features

Series Move Attribute
short range Long distance Use the guard to reduce damage
Remote Medium distance Install a trap or act as a damage dealer
Magic Slightly short distance Resurrection of characters killed by healing magic
Cannon Very short distance traveled An attack that ignores obstacles, causing additional damage to buildings

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