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  • Subject : Grand Opening & Notes to take!
  • Date : 2020-10-16 20:37:07

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The Time has finally arrive and we are about to Open Officially our Server! We would like to thank everyone who participate in the OBT  We decide to reward all the players that were in the OBT and reach 160+ (In the end was quite easy taking the fact that we provide you some lvl up coupons)

The following rewards will be distributed during the week so please be patient:

-Tittle : I Was here!!  

- Ancient Minotaur (30days NT)

- Ancient Minotaur Wings (30days NT) 

- Premium License Pack(30 days NT)  

- ACA Search Robot (14days)

*Please keep in mind during the First 2 Weeks we expecting some changes around to improve Game stability.

*Some of the current features like NPC Oceanic will be suffering changes in the next few weeks.

*At the moment there is a huge amount of items in the IM that would be changing with the time (PLEASE NOTE SOME ITEMS DOESNT HAVE THE RIGHT PICTURE so please read carefully) 

Kind Regards

Oceanic Team


Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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