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  • Subject : Server MT And changes 20-10-2020
  • Date : 2020-10-21 00:04:26

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Server Back online

Couple of changes:

Launcher needs to update if not you cannot play! Atlas remove from beginner Package (Due Exploits)

Rin Added in NPC Oceanic (TEMP)

Khun Phae & Rin lower price so everyone can get it in the NPC Oceanic (TEMP)

Souls Stones Lower Price for easy access in the NPC Oceanic

IND rewards No acquiring reward items has been fixed

Dragon god added to the JP

Crash bug on shadow dungeon quest been fixed


Rewards for beta Will be presented During the Current Day + Comp for Opening delay


Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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