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  • Subject : Patch Notes v1.0.2
  • Date : 2021-01-15 06:49:53

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Here are the changes applied to the server with this update




- Reduced the number of required players to start an Oceanic Battlefield match from 18 to 10.
- Avalon nation dungeon now has a level drop based added ( on all floors).
- Oceanic Vault Individual dungeon changed from cumulative monster count to Countdown type which means you need to kill all monsters to complete the dungeon.
- No chances in the final reward, you will still get 3 boxes.
- Oceanic Vault and Atrax's Lair cooldown have been fixed.
- Christmas Event ends.
- New Events added: 
- Acong World Click for Details
- Bingo Event 2.0 Click for Details
- New Item Mall  Mounts, Decorations added.




Oceanic Team


Experience Rates Atlantica Oceanic

  • >Atlantica Experience Buff
  •   +600% Mon-Thursday Exp
  •   +700% Friday-Sun Exp
  • > Title buff for pc room
  • > Apply order for pc room
  • > Compensation Payment
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